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Hey guys! I went into this writing spree last night and wrote more of the story! Remember, the last thing that happened was Gabby falling off a cliff :( You can find more of the story in our popular posts thingamajig at the bottom! Enjoy!


The first thing I hear is... Megan? “Oh, poor little baby.” She snickered, “Can't even fly. Pathetic.” Ethan gapes at her. “Megan... she just fell out of a tree! Can't you ever be nice?” He leans down and helps me up. “Are you okay?” I don't know what to say. Of course I'm not okay, you idiot, I just fell from the sky and I've been kidnapped and I don't know where I am and why did you do this seems like a mouthful. So I just shrug.

Megan has disappeared, so we do what we were going to do: walk. I'm surprised that the fall didn't hurt at all, “So,” Ethan says, kicking some dirt aside, “You probably have a lot of questions. “Yes,” I say, and suddenly, I can't wait any longer. Everything I've been dying to know spills out of me. “Why am I here?” “I told you, you're the new queen. Very important.” “Not that. I mean, why am I here? Did I inherit it or something?”

Ethan sighs and looks at me. “Your dad was a king here. One of the finest we've ever had. For a long time, too-maybe thirty years. And-” “No, he wasn't,” I respond instantly, almost mechanically. “My dad was a salesmen. Not a king. That's stupid.” “Gabby, you have to listen-” “no. it doesn't make any sense.”

Ethan leans back and squints. “Does it?” And then I think about it, and I know he's telling the truth. I think back to my whole childhood before my dad died- him always rushing, business trips all the time. I can't believe it- my whole life has been a lie. Ethan smiles. “Gabby, it's okay. You can do this.” And, even though I don't want to, I grin back.

“And... why does Megan hate me?” I say, not knowing that I was going to say it before the words are already out in the world. I blush. Ethan rolls his eyes. “She doesn't hate you. She's just... moody. Like a teenager.” I laugh. “I guess I should be wearing tutus too, huh?” Ethan cracks up, and for a moment it all feels normal, two friends on a walk. And then I remember where I am. And what's happening. And it doesn't feel so funny anymore.

“Gabby,” Ethan says, looking nervous, “I have to tell you something. We have the Queen's ceremony in a few days. And you- um, need to, um, get ready.” I whip around so fast, my ponytail hits his nose. “What? You want me to do what?” Ethan looks taken back. I guess he expected me to look angry, but not that angry. “What is wrong with what I'm wearing?” I demanded, glaring at him. “Nothing, it's just it's a black tie event and you're the star here so I just thought... hey, maybe you could start a new trend!” I roll my eyes. “Whatever. I'll just do the makeover thing. Fine.” I stare at the ground as we walk back to the treehouse. “Umm, I don't think you have many people here who can't fly, but-” I point at the entrance, which is at least thirty feet up.” Ethan tilts his head to the side. “I could take you, if you want.” “I would, but personal safety is a big issue for me. I just don't want to get killed.” Ethan laughs. “Gabby, I won't drop you again. Promise.” “Fine.” And guess what? I don't fall.


When we get to the top, Megan opens the door and then glares at me like I'm a chip in her nail polish. Actually, she doesn't have any, but I'm sure if she did, that's how she would stare at it. “Look what the cat dragged in.” she murmured. I rolled my eyes. “By the way, Megan, your closet is totally inappropriate for your age.” Megan has the deer-in-the-headlights look for a second, and then widens her eyes. “How... how dare you!” “Is that your only comeback?” “Well, at least I-” “You guys!” Ethan yells, making me remember that he's there. “She started it!” we yell at exactly the same time. “Megan. Go away. Right now.” Ethan snarls, and Megan rolls her eyes, and with a toss of her hair, she's gone.

“So... um... what am I going to wear? I don't have any dressy clothes, and I doubt Megan is up for sharing.” I'm going for a laugh, but Ethan remains stone-faced. “I know. My mom has some things for you to try on, and if you don't like them, she can make another-” “In a few hours?” I say, incredulous. “Well, I think you'll like them.”

We walk into what I assume is his mom's room, and I gasp. I've never been the kind of girl to get all excited over clothes, but these.... these are not the clothes to me. They are wearable works of art. My eyes flit around the room, passing over the lilac lace dress, a red sheath dress, and a flowered dress with a full skirt and three-quarter length sleeves, finally falling on an off-white corset dress with a long skirt that just skims the floor and laces up in the front. It is the most gorgeous dress I have ever laid my eyes on, the most beautiful dress I have been allowed to admire. My mom believes in simple clothes, simple home, simple everything. She thinks it's the key to a happy life. Sometimes I agree with her, and other times, I want something complicated and elegant. Something like this.

Ethan's mother, who is using a very old-looking sewing machine, finally notices us. “Hello. Are you Gabrielle? I've heard a lot about you.” She extends her hand, and I shake it. It's cold and almost feels reptilian. I quickly pull it away. “What should I call you, Ms... Ms... Is it McDonald?” She sighs. “Gabrielle, you can call me Anna.” I nod, and say, “Call me Gabby.”, even though she didn't answer my question. “Mom, I think Gabby likes this dress.” Ethan says, gesturing to the off-white beauty of a dress. I nod, and clasp the dress, like I'm afraid that she'll take it from me. It really is magnificent.

Anna stares at the dress. “That... that dress is very special to me.” she says, staring at it. I start to put the dress back on the dress form. “I'm sorry-” “No, no, no, dear. You wear it. You need it more then I do.” she says, pushing the dress at me. I hold it in my hands, awestruck. She might have said something then, but I didn't hear her. I was already in the bathroom, trying on the dress. And, by the way, the bathrooms in Elcaine are very different from the ones back in New York.

I come out of the bathroom in the dress, and look in the mirror. I look okay, I guess. I pull my hair back in a bun, and tap Ethan on the shoulder. “Let's go.” He whips around. “Gabby! You look great-” “Um... thanks?” Ethan gives me a funny look. “Gabby, you really do look good-” “Thanks. Can we please leave now?” Ethan rolls his eyes as I drag him out of the treehouse. “Now, how am I going to get down?” I ponder the question as I stand in the doorway. It's too far to jump. Could I climb down? “Gabby, let me take you down.” Ethan says in a commanding voice. “I just really want to learn how to get down, okay?” I say, raising an eyebrow. Ethan glares as I climb down the tree. “We could have done that so-” Ethan gives up, and smiles at me.


Ten minutes later, we're finally at the head of the town, where, as Ethan told me, the ceremony takes place every year. It's a square building, made of cement. No big deal there. But the size is amazing. It stretches farther then I can see, in a seemingly never-ending building. Still, it wouldn't be that big a deal at home, but here, where the buildings are made out of trees, it must be a big deal.

Ethan gestures to a small section on top of the building. There are small stairs leading up to it, and it's slightly higher then the top of the building. “That's where you stand.” “What do I say?” “Just a speech.” I'm filled with a fast rush of fear. “in front of everyone? But... I don't have a speech!” Oh no! Ethan was right. I will be booed out of Elcaine! Ethan, seeing my anxiousness, tells me, “Don't worry. I made you some cards yesterday.” Relief. At least for a second. “Are you a good writer?” Ethan glances to the side, looking guilty. “What's you're definition of good?” I sink my head into my palms. “Oh no.” “Don't worry. Even if you completely fail, they'll still like your dress.” Ethan says, probably in an attempt to cheer me up, which doesn't work. “That's so petty and stupid. If people are going to like me, I don't want them to like me because of my clothes.” Ethan shrugs. “Maybe the people here like petty and stupid. I don't know anything about government.”

I think about that. I really don't know anything about life here. But... with ethan staying in New York, how much does he know about humans? Is that why people speack English here? I'm still filled with questions, but it doesn't feel like the right time to ask. “Ah, here. We should probably get up there. I mean, you.” He smiles. “Good luck. You can do it. Just Ad-Lib a little.” he says, handing me the cards. “Ethan, you jerk!” I yell, but my heart isn't into it. I guess it was okay of him to make me these cards, but if he was telling the truth and he really isn't good at writing, it won't help me much.

My hands are shaking as I clasp tightly the railing. It's made out of tree bark that splinters my hands by the time I reach the top. Forget about butterflies. The whole zoo fills my stomach. Let's face it: I'm nervous. The only thing I can think of is; Why didn't I tell Ethan that I had stage fright? But this is different. This is worse. Instead of that stupid, stupid, stupid play in second grade, I was about to make a speech in front of hundreds of people. What was I doing here?

When I stood on the “stage”, I could see the audience. Way bigger then I had expected. Gulp. Okay. Better get it over with. “Um, hi. Hello. My name is Gabby, and I'm going to be your new queen, um, I think. And I-” The mike squealed. Oh no. What the heck was I doing? Just keep going. Just keep going. “And I want to, um, make things better around here?” I said, flinching. Why had Ethan ended that sentence with a question mark?

I let the notecards fall to the ground. I didn't need them. “As I guess, um, some of you know, I've never been here before. Which would make you wonder why I could do this, right?” Some members of the island nodded, but most of them did nothing. "But what i think you need is... a fresh view." I said, and then climbed down. It was the shortest speech ever, but at least some people clapped. Ugh.



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