Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Can you read it all Part Two

Monday, November 5, 2012

Can you read it all?

Challenge excepted, Addie

200. My middle name is: Ann
199. I was born in: 2002
198. I am really: Awesomely random
197. My cellphone company is: don't have one
196. My eye color is: greenish gray 
195. My shoe size is: 4
194: My ring size is: no clue
193. My height is: 4'11
192. I am allergic to: maybe cats
191. My 1st car was: I'm 10.......
190. My 1st job was: raking the yard for 1$?
189. Last book you read: 6th 39 clues book
188. My bed is: a queen size bed
187. My pet: a dog
186. My best friend: I have way too many
185. My favorite shampoo is: IDK
184. AIM name: Whattt?
183. Piggy banks are: I lost mine
182. In my pockets: usually random things
181. On my calendar: don't have one 
180. Marriage is: IDK
179. Spongebob can: Spongebob is annoying
178. My mom: nice
177. The last three Cd's I bought were: have an ipod
176. Last YouTube video watched: IDK
175. How many cousins do you have? sadly, 7 who are all younger
174. Do you have any siblings? Yep, a brother
173. Are your parents divorced? No
172. Are you taller than your mom? No way!
171. Do you play an instrument? quit violin- music teacher was a witch
170. What did you do yesterday? went to school 

[ I Believe In ]
169. Love at first sight:
168. Luck: duh- I'm Irish
167. Fate: Yes
166. Yourself: I would be a sad person if I didn't
165. Aliens: Maybe...
164. Heaven: definitely
163. Hell: No
162. God: Yes
161. Horoscopes: most of the time
160. Soul mates: probably
159. Ghosts: No- creepy
158. Marriage: Yes!
157. War: no- except with my brother....
156. Orbs: ???
155. Magic: IDK

[ This or That ]
154. Hugs or Kisses:
.... Hugs- some personal space, though
153. Drunk or High: What????
152. Phone or Online: online
151. Red heads or Black haired: Red
150. Blonds or Brunettes: Brunette! I'm as brunette as a brunette gets!
149. Hot or cold: depends
148. Summer or winter: summer gal!
147. Autumn or Spring: Fall = football = Yay!!!
146. Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
145. Night or Day: night,
144. Oranges or Apples: I like apples, maybe not as much as Addie, though
143. Curly or Straight hair: straight
142. McDonald's or Burger King: EWWWWW!!!
141. White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate: milk chocolate
140. Mac or PC: MAC!
139. Flip flops or high heels: flip flops!!!
138. Ugly and rich OR cute and poor: Cute and poor, I think.
137. Coke or Pepsi: no big difference between them 
136. Hillary or Obama: IDK
135. Buried or cremated: both are creepy
134. Singing or Dancing: I like both, except not in front of other people
133. Coach or Chanel: IDK
132. Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks: IDK
131. Small town or Big city: big city
130. Wal-Mart or Target: Target.
129. Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler: don't know
128. life or death: life! Duh!
127. East Coast or West Coast: east coast- go VA!
126. Your Birthday or Christmas: Christmas!
125. Chocolate or Flowers: chocolate
124. Disney or Six Flags: Disney is the best!
123. Yankees or Red Sox: Go Yanks!!!

[ Here's What I Think About ]
122. War:
war is bad

121. George Bush: IDK
120. Marriage: happy
119. The presidential election: stupid tv ads!
118. Abortion: IDK
117. MySpace: IDK
116. Reality TV: IDK
115. Parents: Awesome!!!
114. Back stabbers: meanos
113. EBay: cool
112. Mean People: Don't like
111. Work: IDK
110. My Neighbors: AWESOME!!!
109. Gas Prices: don't drive, don't care
108. Designer Clothes: Sometimes like, sometimes don't.
107. College: Awesome!
106. Sports: wouldn't live without them :P
105. My family: pretty cool
104. The future: I am not a fortune teller
[ Last time I ]
103. Hugged someone:
3 hours ago
102. Last time you ate: 15 hours ago
101. Saw someone I haven't seen in awhile:  in my email
100 Cried in front of someone: IDK
99. Went to a movie theater: Friday night! Wreck it Ralph!!!!
98. Took a vacation: WI- 3 months ago
97. Swam in a pool: same friend as addie- freezing!!!
96. Changed a diaper: .....few years ago?
95. Got my nails done: IDK
94. Went to a wedding:  1 year ago
93. Broke a bone: Never :)
92. Got a piercing: eighth bday- closed up, though:(
91. Broke the law: ?????
90. Texted: .......I chat on gmail???
[ MISC ]
89. Who makes you laugh the most: My friends.
88. Something I will really miss when I leave home is: My dog
87. The last movie I saw: Wreck it Ralph!!!!!! :)
86. The thing that I'm looking forward to the most: Christmas:)
85. The thing I'm not looking forward to: school = >:(
84. People call me: Molly or Moll Moll.
83. The most difficult thing to do is: .....being nice to my bro?
82. I have gotten a speeding ticket: Uh, I'm still 10
81. My zodiac sign is: Cancer!!!!!
80. The first person i talked to today was: my dad
79. First time you had a crush: ummmmmmmmmm.............?
78. The one person who I can't hide things from: my parents
77. Last time someone said something you were thinking: on saturday
76. Right now I am talking to: no one!
75. What are you going to do when you grow up: An interior designer or
sports player- probably soccer
74. I have/will get a job: IDK
73. Tomorrow: is Wednesday
72. Today: is Tuesday
71. Next Summer: hopefully soon!!!!
70. Next Weekend: 4 days:(
69. I have these pets: 1 dog
68. The worst sound in the world: my brother making weird sounds
67. The person that makes me cry the most is: IDK?????
66. People that make you happy: My family and my friends
65. Last time I cried: ????????????????????
64. My friends are: awesome!! I have great friends!
63. My computer is: a windows
62. My School: .......pretty normal?
61. My Car: I'm STILL  ten, people!
60. I lose all respect for people who: are mean
59. The movie I cried at was: The Hunger Games
58. Your hair color is: Brunette!!!!!
57. TV shows you watch: Gravity Falls, HGTV,etc
56. Favorite web site: randomness (check it out! http://alifeofmyrandomness.blogspot.com/),
 and www.homesyler.com
55. Your dream vacation: Italy or Hawaii 
54. The worst pain I was ever in was:  When I fell of a rope swing
53. How do you like your steak cooked: IDK
52. My room is: disaster zone.
51. My favorite celebrity is: Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence
50. Where would you like to be: on a beach
49. Do you want children: Yeah, when I'm older
48. Ever been in love: nope!
47. Who's your best friend: I have a lot of close friends.
46. More guy friends or girl friends: I mostly have girlfriends.
45. One thing that makes you feel great is: Listening to music,
 playing soccer, or playing with my dog
44. One person that you wish you could see right now: IDK
43. Do you have a 5 year plan: I'm not sure what that is.
42. Have you made a list of things to do before you die: Too long to write down
40. Last person I got mad at: My dad
39. I would like to move to: Nowhere! I love my house!:)
38. I wish I was a professional: interior designer or soccer player
[ My Favorites ]
37. Candy:
any chocolate bars
36. Vehicle: yacht, convertible, Ferrari
35. President: Obama
34. State visited: NYC
33. Cellphone provider: Apple.
32. Athlete: Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, Abby Wambach 
31. Actor: Jennifer Lawrence
30. Actress: Emma Watson, or Jennifer Lawrence
29. Singer: Taylor Swift
28. Band: fun, neon trees, coldplay
27. Clothing store: Gap
26. Grocery store: all of them are freezing
25. TV show: gravity falls
24. Movie: The Avengers
23. Website: www.homestyler.com
22. Animal: dog, giraffe, elephant, penguin, koala
21. Theme park: Disney
20. Holiday: CHRISTMAS!!!
19. Sport to watch: soccer, gymnastics, baseball, football, volleyball
18. Sport to play: soccer
17. Magazine: AG
16. Book: have too many
15. Day of the week: Friday!
14. Beach: Rehobath or north Carolina
13. Concert attended: Taylor Swift or colbie calait
12. Thing to cook: IDK
11. Food:  Everything Italian
10. Restaurant: Joe's, Rio grande
9.Radio station: Hot 99 point five
8. Yankee candle scent: IDK
7. Cologne: ewww
6. Flower: colorful lilies and peonies
5. Color:  purple, turquoise, lime green, and bright orange 
4. Talk show host: Kelly Ripka and Michael Strahan
3. Comedian: IDK
2. Dog breed: vizsla!!!!
1. Are you ready for this survey to be over? Yes!
Beat that Addie!!!!! I finished in one morning!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, wow. How on Earth did you do that?!

  2. Nobody likes apples as much as me! Hehehe

  3. Puedes leer todo esto?

    Desafío excepción, Addie

    [La última vez que]
    103. Abrazado a alguien: Hace 3 horas
    102. La última vez que comiste: 15 horas
    101. Vio a alguien que no he visto en mucho tiempo: en mi e-mail
    100 llorado delante de alguien: IDK
    99. Fuimos a una sala de cine: viernes por la noche! Restos que Ralph!!
    98. Tomó unas vacaciones: WI-3 months ago
    97. Nadamos en una piscina: ! mismo amigo como addie de congelación
    96. Cambiado el pañal: ..... hace unos años?
    95. Consiguió mis uñas: IDK
    94. Fuimos a una boda: 1 year ago
    93. Se rompió un hueso: Nunca :)
    92. ¿Tienes un piercing: octavo cumpleaños, cerró con un alza, sin embargo: (
    91 rompió la ley:. ?????
    90 TextEd:. ....... puedo chatear en Gmail???
    89 ¿Quién te hace. reír más: . Mis amigos
    88. Algo que realmente echo de menos cuando salgo de casa es: Mi perro
    87 La última película que vi:. Wreck que Ralph :)!!
    86. Lo que estoy deseando más: Christmas :)
    85. Lo que no estoy deseando que llegue: escuela =>: (
    84. gente me llama: Molly o Moll Moll.
    83 La cosa más difícil de hacer es:. ? ..... ser amable con mi hermano
    82. I han recibido una multa por velocidad: Uh, yo todavía estoy 10
    81 Mi signo del zodiaco es:. !! Cancer
    . 80 La primera persona que había hablado el día de hoy fue: mi padre
    . 79 La primera vez que tuvo un flechazo: ummmmmmmmmm. ............?
    78 La única persona que no me puedo esconder cosas de:. mis padres
    . 77 La última vez que alguien dijo algo que estaba pensando: el sábado
    76. Ahora mismo estoy hablando con : nadie!
    75 ¿Qué vas a hacer cuando seas grande:. Un diseñador de interiores o
    deportes jugador de fútbol, ​​probablemente
    tengo 74 / obtendrá un trabajo:. IDK
    73 Mañana:. será el miércoles
    72 Hoy:. será el martes
    71 . Siguiente Summer: espero que pronto!!
    70 Siguiente Fin de semana:. 4 días: (
    69 tengo estas mascotas:. 1 perro
    68 El peor sonido del mundo:. mi hermano haciendo sonidos extraños
    . 67 La persona que me hace llorar la mayoría es: IDK?????
    66 personas que te hacen feliz:. Mi familia y mis amigos
    . 65 La última vez que lloré: ????????????????????
    64. Mis amigos son: !! impresionante tengo grandes amigos!
    63 Mi equipo es:. un windows
    62 Mi Escuela:. ....... bastante normal?
    61 Mi coche:. Estoy STILL diez personas!
    60. Puedo perder todo respeto por las personas que: son malos
    . 59 La película fue lloré en: Los Juegos del Hambre
    . 58 Su color de pelo es: !! Morena
    . TV 57 muestra reloj: Gravity Falls, HGTV, etc
    56 sitio web favorito:. aleatoriedad (échale un vistazo! http://alifeofmyrandomness.blogspot.com/ ),
    y www.homesyler.com
    55 Su sueño de vacaciones:. Italia o Hawai
    . 54 El peor dolor que fue alguna vez fue: Cuando me caí de un columpio
    53 ¿Cómo te gusta la carne cocida:. IDK
    52. Mi habitación es la siguiente: . zona de desastre
    . 51 Mi celebridad favorita es: Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence
    50 ¿Dónde te gustaría ser:. sobre una Playa
    49. Quieres hijos: Sí, cuando sea mayor
    48 ¿Alguna vez has estado enamorado:. ! nop
    47. ¿Quién es tu mejor amigo: Tengo un montón de amigos cercanos.
    46 más amigos hombres o amigas:. Yo sobre todo . han novias
    . 45 Una cosa que te hace sentir muy bien es: Escuchar música,
    jugar al fútbol o jugar con mi perro
    44 Una persona que te gustaría ver ahora mismo:. IDK
    43. ¿Tiene un plan a 5 años: No estoy seguro de lo que es.
    42 ¿Ha hecho una lista de cosas que hacer antes de morir. Demasiado tiempo para anotar
    40 La última persona que se enfada:. Mi papá
    39. Me gustaría ir a: Nowhere Me encanta mi casa :)!
    38 Me gustaría ser un profesional:. diseñador de interiores o jugador de fútbol
    [Mis Favoritos]
    . 37 Candy: cualquier barra de chocolate
    . 36 Vehículo: yate, convertible, Ferrari
    35 Presidente:. Obama
    34. Estado visita: NYC
    33 proveedor Celular:. . Manzana
    32. Atleta: Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, Abby Wambach
    31 Actor:. Jennifer Lawrence
    30 Actriz:. Emma Watson, o Jennifer Lawrence

    Batir que Addie!! Terminé en una mañana!!!