Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Awesomeness of Pinterest

So I'm addicted.
Yep, that's right. Addicted to Pinterest. It's awesome. And completely random. Me in a nutshell, I guess. Hahaha.   

But before I show you all these awesome things (and you know you want that...), I have to ask you a teeny-tiny little favor... please go to my pinterest page? Pretty please?  

If you don't already have a Pinterest account, I would make one! It's a great "online pinboard" to hold all your ideas. And since my fellow bloggers probably know all about being careful to cite your sources, here's the awesome thing: Pinterest does it for you! Cool, huh? 

And if you already have a Pinterest account, please leave a link in your comment so I can follow it! Tell me if you just made one, too. (I'm such a great role model : ) Okay, now that that's all over, here are some of my best boards in great detail (okay, maybe a bit too much information...) : ) BTW, I just started, so there aren't a ton of pins, but I still have some cool ones!

Clothes and Beauty board
My board that has clothes that I love, and awesome nails. I LOVE COOL NAIL POLISH! (Molly, please don't comment on that.) Isn't this so pretty? I could never do that... but I could try. The great thing about Pinterest is all the awesome ideas made by people even more creative then me! As I said, totally join, follow mine and give me the link!

My Wish List

This is a board where I post stuff that I really like and want to buy. The picture shows this super cute PB teen bedspread that I've wanted for like, a year. I LOVE IT!!!! On this board, I put all my favorite things. Check it out!

Eye of the Dragon

You know the book that I'm writing, Eye of the Dragon? Well, I'm choosing who would play the parts if it was turned into a movie (haha, I don't think that'll happen, but a girl can dream, right?) So Jennifer Lawrence would play Lizbeth, Gabby's friend on The Council. I just LOVE this pic of her!

Room Inspiration

So I'm redoing my room. (yes, again.) and this board is full of great ideas that I love. Try to repin some stuff if you like it! This is one of my favorites, so many bright colors! And...those... chandeliers... (drools...)

So that's only a little peak inside my head. Please check out my other boards, too. And if you have a Pinterest, please share! Thanks for reading, as always.

Awesome Addie