Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cute Dogs In Costumes

Hi, I'm Molly! Addie and I are working on this awesome blog together.
since this blog is totally random, I'll talk about a random thing that I love-(drum roll please). . . . . . . Cute dogs in costumes! These are my top 5 favorite:

I call this guy bunny dog. I don't know if
    it's Easter or Halloween, but it's cute.

This dog is such a cutie! He looks
                                                     like a bundle of ducky joy! 

Some of my favorite things ---pugs, and pugs
                                     dressed as Darth Vader."Luke, I am your pug!"

                                                             Super dog to the rescue!


This dog must really like Katy Perry!

Hope you enjoyed my first post!!!!!!!:)

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