Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pier One

Hey guys! Okay, so maybe most of you are girls. Whatever. Well, yesterday, I had the chance to go to a Pier One store, which I LOVE. I really like designing and stuff like that (so does Molly) so I was kinda over enthusiastic about it. So I walked in, and I was suddenly, like, amazed. Pier One makes you feel like you're stepping into another country, almost. It's just... overwhelming. So naturally, I started taking pictures, and naturally, the employees looked at me like I was a nutcase. Which maybe I kinda was for taking pictures all over the place like a nut job, but I did it for you, blog readers, because that's just how awesomely random I am. So here are some pics I took! (First real pictures on the blog! I know you guys wouldn't do that, but please don't steal my pictures! The camera quality is kinda cruddy too, I took the pictures with an iPhone, 'kay, guys?) I also found a giant Hershey kiss at Homegoods.

So first I went to the pillows. This place has amazing pillows... (Okay, I know how crazy I sound here. Lay off, okay? Everyone sounds crazy when they talk about pillows.) These are a few of my pictures, but not all of them (I took way too many for that!)

So yeah, I love all thing fuzzy. And this is, like, the queen of fuzziness. So you kinda have to love it.

Things with peacocks on them happen to be VERY in! There are lots of peacock things in these pictures, but this pillow is one of my faves! So adorable!

Bright and colorful pillows! Perfect for my room!

This mirror has kind of a funky, homemade vibe to it, like many of the things here. How mean of that price tag to spoil my fun. Dang.

Is this not pretty? Very cool fall-type colors, I think this would look good in a living room! Not my room, though, the color scheme is pink, blue, yellow, and grey. Like it?

I love these owl paintings! If you look closely, you can see tiny words on the paintings, which is such a neat touch! Owls are kind of something that i have a mini-collection of, because my grandfather collects them and he used to give us some. Owl stuff is pretty cool too (I have pink owl earrings with mustaches! LOL, I'm random.) 

One thing that you'll probably notice about all of these painting is that they're nature-inspired! Isn't that cool? I like the green background and all of the bright dots on the tree! So cheerful!

More peacock things! And more! And more! I really like this glass one, it would be nice... uh, I don't know, anywhere? And the lamp is pretty nice, too. The statue is very majestic looking (but does it go inside or outside? I have to know.) And that table is... the very most awesome thingamajig I've ever seen pretty cool.

And here is the most important part of the whole dang post... The Hershey kiss. I know that's all you wanted to see. Good night, Randomers. Keep on bein' random. 

Awesome Addie

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