Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Extreme Awesomeness of Ranting

And this is a post where I talk endlessly about this blog. So tighten your seat belts, ladies and gentleman, because this is going to be a wild ride. Of boredom, I mean.

The font on a blog means a lot to me. The default font is just... umm, blahh to me, and the font really inspires me to post. I mean, I'm just weird like that. The font we have now is very pleasing, at least to me, I don't know. I can't really fathom that I'm writing a post about fonts, so I'll move on to the background.

For a few weeks, we had a star background, which was sort-of, kind-of supposed to be for Christmas. I can't understand why Blogger doesn't have better holiday backgrounds. Because I seriously love how you can change the look of a blog by the background. I mean, I know, of course, that people read blogs for content, not style, but a good exterior drags you to it, I think. It makes the blog look interesting. And I want Randomness to look interesting.

How do you think we are doing on the design of our blog? What should we change? And sorry that this post was SO boring, I completely understand if you skipped it. : D

Happy third day of Christmas!

... and that's my excuse of not being here on Christmas. I had no Internet access at my grandparent's house : ( Sorry. But anyway, here are some pictures of presents I got for Christmas, just to make you jealous. Just kidding, I just think these things are cool, and you guys might like them, and that it might be nice to post real pictures on here for once. Thank you if you read that without just scrolling to the pictures : ) 

I got a Webkinz dog! She is SO ADORABLE. I LOVE HER!!!!

 I also got this book, along with a set of special pens for drawing manga! This is SO EPIC. I think I'm turning Japanese or something, I'm so OBSESSED with manga. 

I got a striped sweater, which is super-cosy and AWESOME. SO SOOOOOFT. And there's my unmade bed. Whoops. 

Sushi Japanese erasers. 'Nuff said.

This is a horrible picture of the beautiful bedspread I got from PBTeen. It is RUCHED and so pretty I can't even begin to fathom that I OWN it. It's like, I walk into my room and I'm stunned. AWESOME.

I got Divergant! It's like the best book ever, I stayed up till past midnight last night just trying to finish it. Now I know why all my friends are obsessed. Umm, not like me at all, totally. Riiiiiiight.

Okay, so this technically wasn't even a christmas present, but it arrived in the mail yesterday so I thought I'd add it in. OMG I LOVE THIS SKIRT.

So that's me just, umm, ranting and not being professional at all. I hoped you liked this post, though! It was fun to write : D 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'll be home for Christmas...

not. I'm going to my grandparent's house, and unfortunately... I won't really have Internet access. SO sorry! I'm home sick right now, but I'll make sure to slip in at least one more post before I leave, okay? And I know Molly will be home, so maybe she'll post! I'll miss you guys though! Please read one of our more interesting posts!

This is my sister as a sheep!!! Yeah, this is what I do when I'm sick. Ugh.

Awesome Addie

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Style Saturday

I decided to do a Style Saturday... surprise I know right? If only I could have published it yesterday... But anyway, here is your fashion inspiration for the day. From Grease. Oh how I love that movie...

Who could forget Danny Zuko in the awesome leather jacket? Defiantly not me.

dELIA'S has a similar one . I think it would look cute with a really girly dress to contrast, like this one.

This is near the end, at the fair. I like the girl on the right's outfit-high-waisted shorts, but I'm way too lazy to find anything.

I'm really just random.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's been a while...

Hasn't it? I'm not really sure what this post is about... my grandma gave us early Christmas presents. It was uber epic. And I have Christmas tree earrings. So yeah, that's me. Umm, I really don't know what to say. Oh yeah! I saw Les Miz on Thursday! It was SO cool, but a little sad. I still liked it, though. And, okay, getting to skip school never hurts. I will amuse you with some pictures:

This is what the stage looked like. Oh yeah, and you also get the added bonus of being able to see random people's heads. You're having a good hair day, dude. But anyway, the show was amazing. It was so cool, the thing that they did at the beginning with the digital water drops. My mom had no idea what I was talking about. And my parents say I need to remember things better. Touché.

Then the people were all like "Okay, no more pictures." Although hardly anyone listened except me. I am such a law-abiding person.

There was also a small fire and various false alarms, but I doubt you want to hear about that.

Awesome Addie

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Style Saturday

Hey guys! Another 2-day post, but I hope you'll like this one! I'm starting a new thing called 'Style Saturday" Please enjoy!

casual pink jeans

I made this on Polyvore, and I think it's pretty cute. I know I would wear it, especially the shirt. I have this obsession with owls. I don't know, maybe I inherited it. But the clutch is cute, and I LOVE pink jeans. The shoes kind of "balance out" the outfit. What do you think? Would you wear this outfit?

Taylor Swift is kind of my fashion inspiration. She always looks amazing.  I LOVE her top and yellow flats in these pictures!

So does Emma Watson. Did you know that she has a clothing line? That girl can do everything!

Awesome Addie

Emma Watson

Hey! Oh my gosh, I'm SO sorry about us missing Random Tuesday! I was banned from the computer from leaving homework at school, and Molly had a TON of homework (UGH!) but here's my post about one of my recent obsessions: Emma Watson! Don't you just LOVE her short haircut? I know i do! I loved her in Harry Potter, but I bet she'll be great in The Perks of being a Wallflower too. So thanks to Pinterest (PLEASE go join!) I have some awesome pictures of here. Enjoy this short and mind-numbingly brainless post!

And here's a Lunaii of her!

See ya! Have a very random Saturday!

Awesome Addie

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Interior Design :)

  Hi guys! You know how me and Addie love interior design? Well, this whole post is gonna be about it. Enjoy!!!!!
This chair is so cool! It looks like it was made from old pipes.
I think it would look good in an industrial loft apartment.
I would love to have this chair!
These chairs are super modern, and are a very bright yellow.
They may be a little too short and modern for a more traditional space,
so I would put it in a modern living room.
Egg chair! Love it! you can never go wrong with one of these!
I especially love bright red egg chairs. I have no idea why, but they are
fun chairs, and could totally see it in a kid's room.
I think these chairs are super cute! I like the orange one alot,
but I think the green one would fit better in my room.
These again would look pretty good in a children's room, or even a tween or teen.
I love, love, love, love love this table! It is so creative. I really love the
color, even though I'm not a huge fan of red. The table legs are so cool! It looks almost
as if the table was suspended in air, and the paint was still dripping off the sides.
I would put this in a contemporary space, and maybe with that industrial looking chair.
Believe it or not, but this table is made completely out of silverware
(and maybe some glue). It's very cool. At first, I thought it was paper or tinfoil,
but duh, how would it hold? Anyway, pretty modern and cool.

Hey guys, Addie here. I just wanted to show you something I thought was cool. It's a built in chair in a library! Very modern looking, and yet it could be super cosy with a pillow or two. Perfect for peeps who love reading like me!

I really like this bed, and especially the colors. First of all, I
think this could be one of those beds that can spin (I said I think. I'm not sure, though)
which is pretty modern. I also love the blue and gold colors
together --- reminds me of a peacock kind of, which I love.

Alright everyone, last picture. This is a cool lamp made from a Chinese food
carry out box (nonflammable, I hope). I really like Chinese food, so this lamp is one of my
favorites. I also like the color lime green. I think it would look good in many rooms too.

I hope you guys all enjoyed my post (and a little bit from Addie)! I'll try to
post more often than I have been doing. Thanks for reading my post,
 and remember, stay random!

 - Molly :3)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random Tuesday

Hey guys, more random Tuesday! Today is kind of short notice and I need to go soon, but here is a picture of something really cool I saw at Pier One Imports. It's these rocks that are painted different colors and then engraved with words! It would be a great gift for a friend or a family member this year!

Cool, right? so i was thinking about having a series of posts where I post great gift ideas for different types of people (i.e.: second-grade boys (I'm used to them...), people obsessed with nature, ext.) Molly could do some too. Would you guys like that? Please tell me in the comments! I'll also be putting up a poll, so if you have a chance, vote and let your voice be heard! And remember: STAY RANDOM!!!

Happy Random Tuesday,
Awesome Addie

Sunday, November 25, 2012


So hey, you guys! I just got back from my grandma's house! Are you guys sad that Thaksgiving is over? I am a little bit, but I am so happy for Christmas! I need to go shopping! I have to go soon, so a longer post coming in a few days, but for right now, please enjoy these pictures of my grandma's dog Diggy! 

Molly, I told you he was little! But he's incredibly fierce. Don't be fooled by that sweet puppy smile. He's looking off into the distance because he's about to steal Buddy's food.  

Oh, Diggy. You have your own food! 


This food sure smells delish... 

Buddy does not approve of this. 

So that's how it was. I think Diggy really liked Buddy, because he followed him around the whole week. He was like a tiny fan dog or something. But this really got on Bud's nerves, mainly because Diggy was using him as a living chew toy. Buddy's pretty mellow, but every once and a while, he would growl and just scare Diggy out of his wits. Poor dogs. 

Sincerely (and sorry for the lack of quality in this post)
Awesome Addie

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random Tuesday

Because we all need a day just to be random. 

Giant White House workers go on strike. See the little poster?

Are you guys excited about Thanksgiving? Our break starts soon, and I'm leaving tomorrow to go visit family! I'll try to post at least once, though. I know that Molly's working really hard on her story, and I bet you'll love it! Keep on bein' random!

Awesome Addie

Monday, November 19, 2012


Hi people! It's Molly. Sorry I haven't been posting lately:(
 I'm busy on a story right now, and it's pretty long.
 I hope you guys will like it when I publish it, though.
 Sorry that this is such a short post!!!
Bye Bye People!!!!
P.S. Do you like my dog? His name is Finn

More Eye of the Dragon!

So after I posted the story, I saw that the last chapter wasn't done yet, so here is the revised part of the chapter and some more! Please enjoy!

But it wasn't okay. No, it wasn't okay at all. "Ethan, people are going to die because of me!” I yelled at him. Didn't he see what was happening? “Gabby, it's fine. They'll only target you. And probably me, too. The Council isn't that crazy.” “Oh yeah, like that makes me feel any better.” “It should.” “Yeah, well, not all of us are perfect like you.” I said, stumbling away from him. His eyes narrowed. “I'm not perfect, fine, but you're not even close. Those people are going to hurt me for bringing you back to Elcaine. They need a ruler, not a silly thirteen year old.” Oh. My. Gosh. Did he just say that to me? Nobody does that. Well, actually, they do all the time, but Ethan didn't strike me as a mean guy. Maybe he was just upset. Hurricanes do that to people.

Ms. Meyer stalked into the room. “Well, Gabby, this may not be you're best first day ever, but at least it's better then mine. Follow me, you guys.” she said all of this in a very flat voice, and I had this vibe that she really didn't like us. Well, the feeling was mutual. We followed her through the hallways, and people stared as we walked by. And not just me, either. I had a feeling that Ethan wasn't the most popular guy ever. I tried to look at him to see why without being too obvious, like making him think I liked him or something. He was pretty cute, not like movie star ratio, but not super ugly. And he was an okay guy. I wondered why he didn't seem to have any friends. He probably told everyone that he met everything about Elcaine, and they thought he was nuts. I sure had.

The teacher practically shoved us out the door as everyone flooded out of the huge building. Ethan and I were caught in the stampede, and we were the last ones out. “Listen, Gabby, I didn't mean that thing about you. Everyone in Elcaine is gonna love you. Honest.” His feeble attempts at cheering me up weren't helping AT ALL, but it was nice that he tried.

I started walking toward out apartment. It felt weird, walking home to a place that I had never even seen before yesterday. When I reached the tall tree covered in caterpillars (I'd leaned on it while walking to school, and trust me, you don't want to do that.), Ethan caught up to me. “Gabby-what the heck? Where in the world are you going?” He was blocking my path. “Uh, home. Where are you going in a hurricane?” Ethan rolled his eyes at me, like it was so obvious, and like I was the biggest idiot on the planet. “We're going to Elcaine to tell The Council the truth. Duh.”

I tried to squeeze by him, but he wouldn't let me. Ethan had this huge smile on his face. I had to admit that he was pretty handsome when he smiled. “You know, I know what to do about creepy guys like you.” I said, casually examining my bag. I knew what I was doing. “Sure you do. With ordinary guys.” Okay, he sure knew how to make me scared. I was starting to think the guy was insane. Was the hurricane just a coincidence? “You SEEM pretty ordinary to me.” “Well... I'm not.” said Ethan, smirking.

And then he rose of the ground. I felt like I was going to faint! He was flying! Ethan seemed to hover just above the ground, and he also seemed to hover some other places. At first glance, he was ordinary, but look again, and his feet were three inches of the ground. “C'mon, Gabby, it's great up here.” And then I felt my own feet rise of the ground, only a few inches up, before plummeting and landing on the ground. Hard. “Gabby, just... try!” And then I tried. For a long, long time. Nothing happened. It was like I had been given one chance to be special, to be... more. And then it wasn't real. I should have known. I'm just Gabby. “Ethan... I don't think I'm the queen. I can't do it.” Ethan rolled his eyes. “No way, Gabrielle, I have to bring someone back.” And then he pulled me off my feet and we took off into the night sky.


The night was rushing by, and the ground swung by my feet, seemingly miles away. “HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME! THIS CRAZY GUY-” “Gabby, shut up! They'll hear you!” Umm, wasn't the point? “HELP!!” “Shut up, you-” And then we were flying over the streets and all the buildings. Ethan was laughing, and I was totally terrified. What was going on? The only thing I knew for sure was that Ethan was telling the truth... but we shouldn't have been outside in this weather! I felt dizzy. Suddenly, the dark sky itself seemed to close in on us. “Oh, great. What do you want, Lizbeth?” Who? What? Everything was confusing me. And then I felt myself drop, down, down, deeper, down. “AHHH!!”


Where was I? I heard noises... something that sounded like Ethan. And something that sounded like somebody else. “She's...she's waking up! Be quiet!” Standing in front of me was Ethan and...his sister? She had his brown hair and grey eyes, but she was still about a foot taller then him. An older sister? Okay, now I needed to focus on what I was going to do to Ethan for dropping me. DROPPING ME!!! Okay, so I have no idea what a Protector is supposed to do, but I'm pretty sure that that's not it. “Ethan, you JERK...” Ethan looked down at his hands. “Sorry, Gabby. I'm so stupid.” Ugh. Something inside me felt the need to comfort him, so I shrugged. “Whatever.” “UMM, HELLO?” said the girl with brown hair. 'Oh, oops. Uh, Gabby, meet my sister, Megan.” Megan stared coldly at me. “So you're the “queen”.” Oh, great. She was snobby. “Well, I'll show you girls your room.” “WHAT?” Megan yelled. “SHE CAN'T STAY WITH ME!” Ethan rolled his grey eyes. We walked into a large room with a majestic canopy in it. When I saw the canopy, my draw dropped. It's just like the one that used to be in my room! I thought, with all the memories flooding back.
YOU want HER to sleep in MY bedroom?!” yelled Megan, glaring at me.
What a jerk. Ethan sighed. “It's only for a while.” then he left, shaking his head. Ethan abandoned me! Megan looked at me. “Just so you know, I don't usually allow people wearing butt-ugly clothes in my room. You should be proud.” Okay, that made my jaw drop again! What was wrong with my clothes? I mean, besides the fact that they were all from Wal-Mart. But I bet she hadn't even heard of that. So I shot back the first thing that I thought of. “Yeah, well, at least I don't look like some demented version of Little Bo Peep.” Okay, that was pretty mean, but it was true! Megan looked frozen with shock for a second. “How dare you!” “That's your best comeback? Even I could do better then that.” “GET OUT!”

“What's going on here?” This came from a very different, much deeper, voice. Who could it be? But I had to hide. I didn't want anymore of Ethan's family to hate me! Which made me think; Is this Ethan's family? What about his mom back in New York? Was that just a cover? “Luke, get out of my room!” yelled Megan. So it was someone named Luke. I was now hiding in Megan's closet, which was pretty weird. Who owns SEVEN tutus? Isn't she kind of old for tutus? Maybe she was an overgrown toddler. Who knows?

"Megan, who were you talking to?" "Ethan's girlfriend" (WHAT? Is that what Ethan called me to my family?) "Ethan has a GIRLFRIEND? Where did she go?" 'Uh, I think the closet." And then I hear it open. Everything is black and then... ugh. Were we in a tree? Because when the door opened, I saw that there was no wall in part of Megan's room. I guess that's okay for people who can fly, And then it was all gone.

Hope ya guys like it! Please tell me how I did in the comments!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pier One

Hey guys! Okay, so maybe most of you are girls. Whatever. Well, yesterday, I had the chance to go to a Pier One store, which I LOVE. I really like designing and stuff like that (so does Molly) so I was kinda over enthusiastic about it. So I walked in, and I was suddenly, like, amazed. Pier One makes you feel like you're stepping into another country, almost. It's just... overwhelming. So naturally, I started taking pictures, and naturally, the employees looked at me like I was a nutcase. Which maybe I kinda was for taking pictures all over the place like a nut job, but I did it for you, blog readers, because that's just how awesomely random I am. So here are some pics I took! (First real pictures on the blog! I know you guys wouldn't do that, but please don't steal my pictures! The camera quality is kinda cruddy too, I took the pictures with an iPhone, 'kay, guys?) I also found a giant Hershey kiss at Homegoods.

So first I went to the pillows. This place has amazing pillows... (Okay, I know how crazy I sound here. Lay off, okay? Everyone sounds crazy when they talk about pillows.) These are a few of my pictures, but not all of them (I took way too many for that!)

So yeah, I love all thing fuzzy. And this is, like, the queen of fuzziness. So you kinda have to love it.

Things with peacocks on them happen to be VERY in! There are lots of peacock things in these pictures, but this pillow is one of my faves! So adorable!

Bright and colorful pillows! Perfect for my room!

This mirror has kind of a funky, homemade vibe to it, like many of the things here. How mean of that price tag to spoil my fun. Dang.

Is this not pretty? Very cool fall-type colors, I think this would look good in a living room! Not my room, though, the color scheme is pink, blue, yellow, and grey. Like it?

I love these owl paintings! If you look closely, you can see tiny words on the paintings, which is such a neat touch! Owls are kind of something that i have a mini-collection of, because my grandfather collects them and he used to give us some. Owl stuff is pretty cool too (I have pink owl earrings with mustaches! LOL, I'm random.) 

One thing that you'll probably notice about all of these painting is that they're nature-inspired! Isn't that cool? I like the green background and all of the bright dots on the tree! So cheerful!

More peacock things! And more! And more! I really like this glass one, it would be nice... uh, I don't know, anywhere? And the lamp is pretty nice, too. The statue is very majestic looking (but does it go inside or outside? I have to know.) And that table is... the very most awesome thingamajig I've ever seen pretty cool.

And here is the most important part of the whole dang post... The Hershey kiss. I know that's all you wanted to see. Good night, Randomers. Keep on bein' random. 

Awesome Addie