Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Hope you guys had a Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year! So sorry that I haven't been blogging in FOREVER! I get really busy and forget to do things. Addie showed some things she got for Christmas, so I was thinking to show some too. Sorry that none of these are photos taken by me. I just don't have the time to upload photos to the computer :(
I'm so excited! I got an ipod touch 5 for Christmas!
 I got the blue one, which is one of the coolest colors they had.
I got new uggs (OMG, they are so comfy!)
 My old purple ones that I got when I was seven
had a hole in them, so I got a new pair.
I love field hockey! For Christmas I got that bag, that stick,
cool multi color balls, a face mask, and shingaurds.
 I love the stick especially!
I love baking to, and I got this awesome cake pop maker.
 They are really fun. My first batch wasn't the best lets just say
(I added 1 egg instead of 3, so they didn't rise.
We called them the semi-circle cake pops. Yum!)
Me and my brother also got a bow and arrow ( It's cool, because it
 doesn't have suction cups, it actually has sharp tips).
This isn't the exact bow and arrow, but its really close.
 The scary thing is is to think about putting it in the hands of my brother.
 Eh...... SCARY!!!!!! 
Bye now! Remember, keep bein' random!
-Molly ;D


  1. OMG! mustache turtle! Yeah, and ur bro with a bow and arrow... woah. LOVE ur iPod!