Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy day everyone!

Hey people! I am in a good mood. Bc good grades cheer me up :) I am here today to show you the variety of different cakes that you can eat. I gave up cupcakes for Lent, so I'll eat a cake instead :) Here is one I love:

This is SO purty! A wedding dress cake!  I love the "lace" details that make it fun. I wonder, is it life sized? ;)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Photo fun

Hey! So you know how Addie does Style Saturday? So, I thought I could post cool pics every week, with like different themes. Today I though that it could maybe be black and white pictures :)
Hope you like!

This is my dog. I used the old camera app for all pics

These are my neighboor's homes...

This is Finn...... Again

This is light I have in my room from Ikea. Addie has it tooo :)

This is my bookcase- also from Ikea

My big green chair in my room, with my hippo

Last, these are the pictures hanging near the stairs.
Some of them are already Black and White.

Thanks! Hope you liked them!!!
-Molly :3)