Sunday, November 25, 2012


So hey, you guys! I just got back from my grandma's house! Are you guys sad that Thaksgiving is over? I am a little bit, but I am so happy for Christmas! I need to go shopping! I have to go soon, so a longer post coming in a few days, but for right now, please enjoy these pictures of my grandma's dog Diggy! 

Molly, I told you he was little! But he's incredibly fierce. Don't be fooled by that sweet puppy smile. He's looking off into the distance because he's about to steal Buddy's food.  

Oh, Diggy. You have your own food! 


This food sure smells delish... 

Buddy does not approve of this. 

So that's how it was. I think Diggy really liked Buddy, because he followed him around the whole week. He was like a tiny fan dog or something. But this really got on Bud's nerves, mainly because Diggy was using him as a living chew toy. Buddy's pretty mellow, but every once and a while, he would growl and just scare Diggy out of his wits. Poor dogs. 

Sincerely (and sorry for the lack of quality in this post)
Awesome Addie

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