Monday, November 5, 2012

My favorite dogs in costumes!

Hey y'all (saying that is my bad habit)! Addie here, posting my favorite dogs in costumes! One time, we got my dog a costume, but he didn't like it so he went natural : ) I hope you guys enjoyed meeting my friend Molly! (btw, these pics were all found on google images. All rights go to the owners.)

1. Okay, you win: I have a weak spot for pugs. 

2. Looks like this dog is keeping up with modern technology...hehe. I love how it says iPug with a little dog picture.

3. Taco doggie! He is so cute. Really don't have anything cool here to say so... yeah.

4. Aww. I like how this dog looks happy and comfortable in his adorable fish costume... oh wow, this is cute.

5. I wonder how they got the dogs to hold the baskets the same time... my dog would so not go for that.

So yeah! Remember, if you ever dress up your dog, wear non-restricting and non-embarresing things, please! Thanks for reading!

And this was Addie

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